Land Rover are said to be moving the Range Rover more upmarket, to compete with an SUV from Bentley. The company dropped their biggest hint to date that they are definitely ready to take the Range Rover more upmarket to rival the brand new Bentley SUV.

Land Rover are monitoring events very closely

The EXp9 F Concept car from Bentley was unleashed at the Geneva Motor Show last year and a hugely revised production model is said to be hitting the market by 2015. The price tag of this vehicle is said to be in the region of £174,000. John Edwards, who is the brand director for Land Rover has expressed that the company are monitoring events very closely. He went on to say that Land Rover take a chessboard approach to the car market. The company establishes where it stands, then decides whether to go up, down, left or right to expand. So as an example of looking up, the fact that Bentley is producing an SUV certainly presents Land Rover with an opportunity to improve. He said that he believes that the Range Rover is an amazing car and there is definitely potential to move it further upmarket.

On the previous version of the vehicle, there was an ultimate edition that cost £125,000 and there were only originally plans to produce 200. In the end 600-700 were sold. The current Range Rover model, the supercharged autobiography comes in at £99,000 and extras can push that figure up to £110,000 or £120,000.

Land Rover has a healthy demand from overseas

Edwards also explained that there is a healthy demand for Land Rover models from overseas. Research has indicated that Land Rover have many wealthy customers who may own a fleet of cars such as Bentley’s and Aston Martins, though most of them if asked if they could only keep one, would say they would keep the Range Rover.

There is definitely an option of making the Range Rover more powerful, especially as there is a possibility of the Bentley featuring a W12 engine, though sources suggest that it is unlikely the Range Rover will be made any more powerful as a 5.1 second time for 0-60 miles per hour is perfectly acceptable for a vehicle with the bulk of a Range Rover.

Edwards explained that although power is being looked at, individuality and more personalisation opportunities are being looked at with extreme importance.