Lewis Hamilton has expressed his excitement by the performance of his Mercedes Vehicle at the season opening of the Australian Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg, his teammate came third behind the two Red Bulls, whilst Hamilton with Mercedes came fourth in the first session.

Hamilton explained that the most positive thing is the¬†competitiveness¬†of the Mercedes. He explained that he couldn’t believe it, everybody has done an amazing job and he expressed his complete excitement to be up there. Hamilton finished up his second session in the gravel due to a part breaking on his car. He slid into the trap at Turn six after the front part of the floor of the vehicle came loose. It was thought to have been broken when he had ran over the kerbs earlier on.

How will Hamilton get on at Mercedes?

Hamilton went on to say that this is a big step, people have been talking it both up and down and nobody knows what is actually going to happen, though being this competitive is a “buzz” he explained. He said that it was too early however to know where Mercedes actually stood in comparison to their rivals. He explained that the Red Bulls are of course extremely quick, the Ferraris are also very competitive and so are the Lotus. He went on to express that he wasn’t sure about what was going on with McLaren but he was confident they would fix it as they are a truly fantastic team. Everybody is just going to have to take things one step at a time he explained.

Hamilton said nor he or Mercedes can get complacent

He expressed that nor he or Mercedes could become complacent, they Mercedes will have to push hard throughout the competition and see where they get. He expressed how amazing he had felt in Barcelona, at the pre season test and he wasn’t sure if it would feel as good when he got to Australia, though he has said it definitely does.

Lets see if Hamilton and Mercedes can build on their success?