The sales of luxury Maserati and Ferrari cars have declined in their own homeland, Italy’s economic and financial worries are affecting even the very richest Italians, latest industry figures showed. This previous year, Ferrari saw it’s home market sales fall by over 56&, whilst Maserati’s fell by 72%. Only 248 Italian people actually bought a Ferrari in 2012, with just 115 buying Maserati’s.

Italy is in a recession and is having a direct affect on luxury vehicles such as Ferrari and Maserati

Italy is unfortunately in a recession and it’s government are continuing to take out their austerity measures to try and trim it’s defecit. Filippo Pavan Bernacchi, who is the head of the Italian motor trader’s dederation, Federauto, has blamed the high taxes that are aimed at hitting, or even criminalising the ownership and use of vehicles.

Also, whilst directly taxing motoring, authorities in Italy have specifically been targeting owners of Ferraris and many other supercars by checking that they are paying the right amount of tax. There have been a significant amount of recorded reports of police officers stopping owners of such vehicles and demanding the driver to producer their tax registration identification.

Maserati and Ferrari are both owned by Fiat.

The Ferrari has almost become a red flag for the tax authorities in Italy, stopping people in the street and ordering tax audits. In what seems like a response to these actions, wealthy italians have almost stopped buying cars and begun to ship the ones they own out of Italy extremely quickly. Unfortunately, due to this, at a time when Ferrari’s are becoming more and more common in countries around the world, in their very own country they are looking to soon become a rather rare sight.

During the last ten years, annual sales of the Ferrari have risen from around 4,000 to 7,200, results for 2011 show. The results for 2012 have yet to be released. For the first half of the year, the automaker had reported net profits of 100 Million Euros, £80 Million, for the beginning half of the year. Ferrari delivered over 3,500 cars to dealers during this half year period, with revenues on the rise by 11.9% to 1.2 Billion Euros.