Mercedes Benz has a strong reputation for quality, luxury, build, and engineering. The amazing road handling and kudos of the brand naturally comes at a cost. During the recent credit crunch prestige brands have not seen the decimation that other more main stream manufactures have. So you may be surprised to know that Mercedes-Benz will be launching its new compact van later this month.

The new Mercedes- Benz  Citan will start from a genuine value for money price of just £13095.

Rumours are that Mercedes marketing statergie will be aimed at light lighting just how this brakes down into the daily running costs of small business’s will the new Citan calculating down to the daily equivalent of just under £7.00 per day. ( Monthly equivalent based on the 108 CDI Mercedes Agility purchased on a contract hire package just £195 & vat. )

The new Mercedes also comes with impressive fuel efficiency figure with the Blue Efficiency being quoted as 65.7 MPG and a Co2 of 112 g/km.

Mercedes will produce the van in three different styles. The Compact, with a load capacity of 2.4 m, Long 3.1 m and Extra Long 3.8m.

This will come as welcome news for small business owners who are constantly looking for the type of reliability, quality and brand image of the Mercedes at a manageable price.