The Uk’s  MOT test is about to change.

In fact the MOT changes follow the new European derivatives on how a vehicle is measured for road-worthiness.

This means that from the 20th March 2013 there will be more checks done on each vehicle being Mot’d and it will affect every car, van, heavy goods vehicle and coach.

A spokes person for VOSA is reported to have said  “The Mot test is designed to make sure that a vehicle is fit to be on the road and so it needs to be updated to reflect new vehicle technology. “We at VOSA have worked closely with the industry to make sure they are prepared for the changes; and testers have been letting customers know about the new items at the MOT test for more than a year to make sure they are ready for the changes.”

The new MOT checks will be over and above the current system however thankfully there will be no increase to the cost.

The new checks will include

  • Electronic power steering malfunction indicator lamp
  • Brake fluid warning lamp illuminated or inoperative
  • Engine mountings
  • Speedometer

After all vehicles of all shapes a sizes can be a danger to their drivers, owners, passengers and other road users. This cost us all millions of pounds in insurance premiums as uninsured and un roadworthy drivers increase the amount of money we are charged each year. At the moment every vehicle over three years of age is required to have a valid MOT certificate. No matter what the mileage the vehicle is exempt before this time. This means millions upon millions of used cars and vans are MOT’d each year.

Naturally you require a current Mot to be able to buy insurance and without it even if you have insurance your cover would be nul and void.

So what do you think do you think that the new changes to the way in which our vehicles are Mot’d will make a difference in the amount of un roadworthy vehicles on our highways?