The sun has finally started to make an appearance, just in time for the Jubilee celebrations, but as more and more of us start to plan out trips abroad how confident are you that your motor and gap insurance will still cover you?

With almost guaranteed sunshine  just a stones throw away more and more of us are now choosing to holiday by car and motor home in Europe.

You have motor insurance, you even have gap insurance so what can go wrong?

Before you plan any trip abroad it is always worth checking that you are completely covered as some motor and gap insurance policies will limit the amount of days you can spend outside the UK in any one trip.  Even if your gap insurance policy does not limit your time if you own motor insurance does you may be left high and dry. This can of course be the other way around where there is no limitation on time with your own motor insurance but your gap insurance provider stipulates a time frame.

This is normally a maximum of 60 days. While this may be sufficient in most cases remember that if you are planning to tour then it can soon be eaten up.

Will your motor and gap insurance still cover you?

Will your motor and gap insurance still cover you?

We Googled gap insurance and found that in 99.9 % of cases there was a time specified on the policy. We did however find one gap insurance supplier who was able to provide un limited cover providing that your own insurance did so in return.

A top tip for traveling abroad is to also make sure that you have your NHS card . Briefly speaking it means that should you need medical assistance then you will be treated FOC. This does not however mean that you will not need travel insurance as this will not pay for any repatriation.

So before you go anywhere check you have your NHS card, check your motor insurance as well as your gap insurance terms and conditions, and have a happy and safe holiday.