We all know that times are not easy for not only for some of our most cherished high street brands but also the motor trade as well.

However theft and crime can not and will not ever pay.

From small of the worlds largest banks to high street house hold names  and motor trade groups no-one is exempt and as a wise man once said “desperate people do desperate things.”

During a recent court case Anthony Pullen a Midlands based car dealership owner was jailed for theft from his finance supplier.

It is alleged that the doomed business man stole funds from his finance company in order to keep his business afloat.

The motor dealership, Wych Marques at Wychbold near Droitwich had been trading since 1994 but however ran into financial difficulties back in 2010. Pullen then arranged finance for a customer who later cancelled. The finance company duly transferred the funds and Pullen, of Stratford Gardens, Bromsgrove, never cancelled or paid the money back.

As if de-frauding the finance company of £13,000 was not enough he had also sold two Audi’s which the company had on lease.

The disgraced motor dealership owner pleased guilty. During mitigation, Worcester Crown Court heard how he had tried to save a business which he knew was doomed. They also heard that since the theft he had since gone bankrupt and is therefore unlikely to work in motor retail again.

He was jailed for a total of eight months for fraud and 16 months for theft.

While economic pressures can affect any business from small business owners, motor retail giants,  to multi national corporations and even some high street legends theft of any description can never be tolerated.