A growing number of people are now choosing to protect themselves with motorbike gap insurance.

So what is motorbike gap insurance.

Motorbike gap insurance is a way of protecting yourself against financial loss if your motorbike is written off. There are many levels and you can choose to protect yourself  in many different ways.

Fact – Did you know that your own motorbike insurance company will only pay your the market value of your motorbike and the day it is written off.

Motorbike Gap insurance can protect you against the difference.

You can choose to protect yourself against the difference between your motorbikes valuation when it is written off and either

  • The amount outstanding on finance
  • The original Invoice price your payment
  • The replacement cost on a like for like basis even if the cost has increased.

Motorbikes can be expensive and it is not easy for anyone at the moment.

So more and more people are choosing to protect their investment. After all could you write a cheque right now and clear off the finance? Can you easily and without difficulty write a cheque back to the invoice price. No me neither, and why should you even consider doing so when for less than one months depreciation you can protect yourself for up yo 5 years with motorbike gap insurance.

After all the chances of a motor bike being written off when it is involved in even a minor incident is more likely as just to the sheer nature of it being a motorbike it traditionally sustains more damage.

The portalble instant freedom that is an attraction for some is also another reason that they are more easily stolen and placed on the back of a low loader.

This means that elements of society target motorbikes as an easy option for theft.

So in brief when it comes to motorbike gap insurance,  get some quotes and make you own mind up.