Buying Motor home gap insurance is essentially no different than any other gap insurance.

The only real difference is that usually the price you pay for your motor home is a lot more than the average vehicle. So just like when you are thinking of buying gap insurance for any other type of vehicle you need to think about what you want and not necessay the dealership or your gap insurance provider.

Your dealership will at best only ever offer your one form of motor home gap insurance. That’s usually because they only have one to offer. But when you look on line it can seem a bit daunting. Different suppliers calling them different things, Differenent¬†prices, One website says one thing another promises some thing different. Hey i understand there can be a lot of conflicting information which at best is confusing.

So before you think of buying a motor home gap insurance policy decide what you want it to do should you ever need to claim. After all the is no point buying somthing if it is not going to do want you want.

So think about how you paid for the motor home ?

Did you put a large deposit down or a more modest? Ok so now think about worse case senario. How do you want you motorhome gap insurance polciy to protect you? What is important to you?

Do you want youir motorhome gap insurance polciy to simply pay the difference bewteen your motorhomes valuation when it is written off and clear any outstanding finance? РIf you do we now know that you need a form or finance gap insurance .

Do you want you motor home gap insurance to protect the invoice price you paid. That is to sya do you want you policy to top up your motorhomes valuation on the day it is written off back up to the invoie price? – If you do we now know that you wnat a type of return to invoice gap insurance.

Do you want you motor home gap insurance policy to replace the motor home for you on a like for like basis ? – If you do we now know that you want a form of vehicle replacement.

So you have now done the hard bit. You know know which type of gap insurance is best for your and your motor home.

Addmittedly you now need to think of claim limits buy hey one step at a time.

So – In brief decide what you want you motor home gap insurance policy to do before you look at on line prices or suppliers.