The amount of drivers who are going to be caught speeding is said to rise after enforcement cameras are making a comeback right across the country. There are a brand new set of speed cameras on the way, sophisticated digital devices. These new cameras are actually being funded by the offenders who have been forced to attend speed awareness courses. These cameras will of course replace the ageing ones which are quite literally coming to their demise.

How can these new Cameras help?

Over half of safety partnerships are installing the new cameras, with the number looking to increase by almost 50% within the next year. This comes just months after the Government announced that they were going to rise speeding fines from £60 to £90, a 50% rise. The coalition arrangement wished to stop Whitehall funding for speed cameras, this led to other cameras being switched off due to the fact that the safety partnerships couldn’t operate them.

Out of the 33 partnerships who responded to an inquiry, 21 have confirmed that they are commencing with a renewal programme over the next 2 to 5 years, while a further 6 are still considering their next steps.

Speed Cameras can really save lives

This seems like a great idea to fund new projects, the money that people are fined because of driving offences should be used to better our speed cameras and roads. With figures from Scotland roads showing that speed cameras have reduced fatalities by 68%, this just shows how extremely important they are. These figures were gathered by Scottish Parliament based on the amount of crashes 3 years prior to speed cameras being installed and the 3 years following their instalment. Resulting in 82% of Scots agreeing that speed cameras are a good thing.

If anything can make our roads less dangerous and hopefully slash fatalities on our roads, then surely it is a good thing. Hopefully these new types of cameras will scare speeders even more and the amount of crashes and fatalities will drop even further due to their use. Driving and road safety really is an extremely important thing and any improvements our country and these cameras can make should be wholly welcomed.