Renault is re-investing the the ever popular Renault Kangoo Van. The Kangoo has been around for some time and still as popular as ever.

From June this year the French compact van will have a all new look with new technology and even better fuel economy.

Renault have made the Kangoo with a new front end with revised light clusters and a new design for the front grill.

Renault’s face lift however unlike many other manufacturers is not just cosmetic and the better fuel economy should mean that it is much more cots efficient for fleets to run. Don’t forget that the smallest saving in fuel efficiency can make a massive difference not only to sole traders but even to the largest of fleets,

The diesel model the dci 75 and dci 90 will now have stop start fitted as standard and will increase fuel efficiency to 65.7 mpg and 112g km Co2.

Renault’s efficiency drive however does not stop with the stop start facility as the new generation engines will also be available with Eco modes which can improve efficiency by another 10%. Again to increase Renault’s fleet appeal the servicing intervals have been raised to every 25,000 miles or two years.

Renault have capitalised on the Kangoo which was a shared investment with Mercedes-benz and shares the same basics as the new Mercedes Citan van. Renault have used the opportunity to improve quality, finish and build with cleaner workmanship soundproofing and aerodynamics.

Reanult have not forgotten the driver or end user with new upgraded sound systems, blue tooth and CD players to keep the occupant happy.

While optional extras include  electronic stability with Hill Start Assist, plus Grip for improved traction in difficult conditions.

Only time will tell if Renault have got it right, but with extra specification, better fuel economy and increased quality we think it will be well received.