The end of the year is not normally a buoyant time for new car sales. At this festive time we are normally more concentrated and centered on the logistics of Farther Christmas and planning the perfect yule tide,  however registrations where up by over eleven percent in November according to SMMT ( Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

This increase has largely been accredited to savvy new car private buyers who are taking advantage of special offers and choosing to replace and exchange their cars.

This means that new car registrations increased by over 20% for the private new car buyer segment alone and is up just under 13 % year to date.

This firmly puts the UK well on course to finish the year on the highest total of new car and van registrations since 2008 . This is still however a far cry from the total registrations that The UK produced pre-regression but is welcome news for the motor trade.

We speak to customers from all walks of life from Ferrari, Aston martin and Porsche owners to more modest mature 8 year old Vauxhall Corsa’s and one message is resoundingly clear. We all want what we consider to be value for money.

None of us have spare gazillions of pounds lying dormant in the bank and if we are going to part with it we want to feel as thought we are getting something special. What ever that may be. We want a deal. The manufacturers are however stimulating the market and offering some really amazing deals, longer warranty, free servicing packages and one customer told you that this local Honda dealership as well as offering the standard national new car offers and massive discounts where also offering to pay for a full five years road fund licence. In Fact this particular customer had not only managed to negotiate a whopping £4,000 discount but also free servicing as well!

 So why not get in touch and let us know what you think, are you planning to buy a new car and if so why, is the deal, the finance package or or something else?