Well Done Skoda!

Well Done Skoda!

Now I make no secret of the fact that I think Skoda is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Barely a day goes by without them winning yet another award. Not just the ones given by industry experts , people and insiders who make calculated judgements. But more importantly the awards voted for by us the Great British Public. I am a member of Briskoda the Skoda forum who one the whole are a good bunch. So I was really pleased to get an email from Briskoda (this is the Brands owners and enthusiasts website). They admit themselves that they don’t normally send our emails so I was intrigued to open it and have a read. In fact I think that this is the first email they have sent or at least the first one I remember getting.

Skoda are really proud that they have just broken the magic 200miles an hour record in a Octavia.

Now when you think of Skoda you may think of may thinks but top of your list is probably not speed. Perhaps build quality, value for money or even their famous cake advert. Speed well no not really. You may have heard of their sports range the VRS but well super speed, breaking record speed sorry no! 

So it is a really big scoop for the brand who later today hope to break the record of 216 miles per hour and become the fastest production car. So no its not your BMW or Mercedes who will be the record holders.

So watch out Audi, Volkswagen and Seat, Skoda sister company is going to be leaving you in its shadow.

Is there no end to their talents???? So in brief well done Skoda and thank you Colin from Briskoda for the email, fingers crossed you do it.