Are Slow Drivers as Bad as Speed Demons?

Are Slow Drivers as Bad as Speed Demons?

OK so we all know that driving to fast can and is dangerous. So how do you feel about driving too slow?

I have just dropped my partner off at the airport and am staying at home to look after animals. No rest for the wicked I hear you say. Driving home I realised that there seams to be a major problem on our roads and motorways.

Now we all know that driving too fast has a direct link to the numbers of accidents.

But have you ever really thought about the dangers of driving too slow?

I was driving back down the M56 and got snarled up in slow traffic. Hey it happens. But in this case there seemed to be a real bottle neck. I got close to the end to find a driver driving at 65 miles an hour in the middle lane. The inside lane was empty and the outside lane was bottle necking to allow drivers to safely over take the driver.  Lorries and vans where having to get into the outside lane to overtake. Nightmare!

I was furious. I had just wasted 25 minutes queuing behind a driver who seemed hell bent on slowing the motorway down. Now equally I don’t like someone driving at 9 million miles an hour so close to the back of my car that at any second they could ram the back but equally too slow!

Now I am not a solicitor or a traffic police officer but as far as I know there are currently no penalties for someone driving like this. So my initial thoughts where why not?

If it is against the law too drive too fast shouldn’t it be against the law to drive too slow?

Now I admit that I am not the best driver in the world in fact I am probably the worlds worst at reverse parking spacial awareness ? Well that’s my excuse. But if I want to drive slow on the motorway I would expect to drive in the inside land and not the middle lane.

Now I am quiet a level headed person but I hate to say it that not all the drivers who we over taking our new friend the slow driver where as should I say ” calm “as me.  In fact I saw cars speeding up at alarming rates and driving like mad men just to try and make the time back.

So what are you thoughts why not let us know?

Should excessively slow drivers have the same penalties as drivers who drive too fast ?