The 30 Millionth Volkswagen Golf has came off the production line at the company’s production plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen claim that this is a new record for the most successful European car of all time. Volkswagen began building the Golf in 1974, with the company calculating that Worldwide, around 2,000 people a day purchased a Golf over the last 39 years.

The 30 millionth Volkswagen golf off the line was the latest BlueMotion

The 30 millionth Volkswagen Golf off the production line was the latest BlueMotion model from the company. The company claim that the model has a fuel economy of 88.3 miles per gallon and emits 88g or Co2. The latest BlueMotion model is actually the most fuel efficient Golf model that has ever been made. The event also coincided with Volkswagen receiving the car of the year award 2013 for the MK7 Golf model.

Professor Martin Winterkorn who is the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen accepted the award at the event and said that the Volkswagaen Golf’s history is also a history of automotive progress.

With such technologies as the safe front wheel drive of the first Golf and the the debut of the TDI in the third Golf, ESC and the dual clutch gearbox of the fourth Golf and the standard Automatic Post collision braking system of the new generation, the car has continued to democratise progress.

The Bestseller lives up to the name of Volkswagen

An optimum of comfort, driving fun and of course safety are no longer a question of money thanks to the Golf. So the new bestseller definitely lives up to the name of Volkswagen.

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