A completely unique Aston Martin CC100 model  has been revealed to celebrate the Centenary of the company. The one off sensational sports car has been built to celebrate the Centenary of Aston Martin in complete style. The car does not only pay tribute to the racing successes of Aston Martin, including the Le Mans 24 Hours 1959 Winner, the DBR1, it also hints at what forthcoming Aston Martins will look like.

The new Aston Martin’s brief was simple, though enormously testing

Miles Nurnberger, who is the Chief Exterior designer exclaimed that the brief for the model was extremely simple but at the same time enormously testing. Having to create something that reflects Aston Martin’s 100 year heritage and also signals the future of the brand. The idea of the speedster gives a nod to the winning Le Mans car of 1959. He also explained that the design team had complete freedom to shape the car.

What else does this fabulous new Aston Martin offer?

The CC100 model is powered by the  6.0 litre V12 engine from the company and has been based on the same platform as the Aston Martin Vanquish. The power for the car is sent to the back wheels by an automated manual gearbox with shift paddles and the car is said to do the 0-62 miles per hour sprint in four seconds and keep accelerating to 180 miles per hour.

There is a large mesh grille to help to keep the engine cool and insiders of the company have said that this feature will also be appearing on future Aston Martin road cars, as it actually provides a better airflow than the current slatted grille that is used on most Aston models.

There are also hints at the company plans to use lightweight material in the future, due to the rather extensive use of carbon fibre with this vehicle, the new Vanquish model already has an all carbon body.

The CC100’s cabin is driver focused and simple, with an LCD screen behind the wheel and a few switches over the transmission. Driver and Passenger bucket seats are carbon fibre and separated by bodywork that runs from the bonnet right to the back of the vehicle.