The Onyx model from Peugeot will be taking centre stage on the company’s stand at the Shanghai Motor Show, as the company prepares for further sales growth in China. The company sold over 72,000 cars within the first quarter of this year, there is a year on year increase of 31% in a market that is growing by 18%.

Peugeot first showed the vehicle at the Paris Motor Show in 2012

Peugeot first showed the fantastic Onyx vehicle in 2012 at the Paris Motor Show. The car features a medium mounted V8 engine and bodywork that features copper panels that are polished to a mirror shine. Without protective coating on the vehicle, the doors and wings will age, developing patina, which is a tarnish that forms onto the surface of copper or bronze or other metals like these.

Peugeot’s Hybrid Air Technology is being taken to China

Peugeot’s Hybrid Air Technology will be taken to china for the first time aswell. The innovative drivetrain actually uses compressed air technology as an alternative to the usual lithium ion driven batteries. PSA is also targeting fuel consumption of 141 miles per gallon and CO2 emissions of 49g.

This truly is an unusual and exciting looking Supercar concept.