If you are in the enviable position of being just about to buy a Range Rover then you will understand exactly how big the financial commitment you need to make is. We have spoken to many many customers who are just about to take delivery of amazing new 2013 Range rover Vogues and the price ranges from £90,000 to well over £100,000.

With such a capital outlay it is therefore wise to think about what would happen if your Range Rover was written off.

After all even if your own motor insurance company offer you new for old within the first twelve months what happens if your Range Rover is written off after then.

So your local dealership explains that there is a policy that you can buy to protect yourself should you join the estimated 600,000 other vehicle owners who have their vehicles written off in the UK each year. They may call it something different but normally this is a form of return to invoice gap insurance.

That is to say that if your Range Rover is written off it pays the difference between your Range Rover’s valuation on the day it was written off and the original invoice price you paid.

Hence where the problem lies.

You may not be aware but every insurance policy from life insurance to gap insurance will have a maximum claim limit. Simply but it is the maximum amount that you can ever claim from your policy, and when it comes to gap insurance for your Range Rover this is all important.

Don’t forget that for your Range Rover gap insurance policy to be activated your own motor insurance company have to agree to settle and the subsequently offer you want your vehicle is worth at that point. Based on current rates of deprecation this means that in most cases a claim limit of £25,000 will not be enough for your policy to be able to perform.

While there is nothing wrong with this is itself you have to be aware that you may still leave yourself exposed. After all there is nothing more stressful than having a vehicle written off and thinking that you are completely covered only to find that the policy can not perform to it’s full potential.

So please if you are buying a Range Rover consider higher claim limits and please remember that even with limits of up to £50,000 there may be a shortfall.