We are constantly told about some gap insurance miss-understandings and gaffs especially when you are considering buying gap insurance online. So to help and hopefully have a little bit of fun along the way here is a list of our top 5 gaffs!

  1. If you buy gap insurance online it will not cover new car delivery charges ! Well sorry wrong ! In order to buy a new car the manufacturter will charge the dealership that you are buying your car from a delivery charge. This will be included with pre delivery inspection and number plate fees and the total price shown in the on the road cost.  Sorry the manufacturer will not supply a vehicle without it and therefore this cost would be covered. Having just had my car written off and looking for  new car to replace it with we that they would!
  2. If you buy Gap Insurance online you may have to call forgien countries with no English speaking claims departments. Sorry No! We do not speak anything other than English well a little French but nothing else and as far as we know all of the top on line suppliers use insurance companies where all the claims and administration departments are based only in the UK. So sorry you will not have an excuse to go on a foreign holiday just to sort out your gap insurance claim!
  3. Your Gap Insurance will not cover you if your vehicle is stolen! You guessed it completely wrong! As long as you own insurance company are happy to settle your gap insurance will.
  4. All gap Insurance is the same! Sorry it is not each gap insurance supplier will have worked on their own terms and conditions so always read the terms and conditions before you buy any level of cover.
  5. Your gap Insurance is transferable with the car! No sorry gap insurance is almost like car insurance you are the policy holder and the most important person in the policy. This means that just like car insurance if you change your vehicle you insurance stays with you and waits until you assign it to another vehicle.

So to summarsie despite what you may have been told when your vehicle is stolen or written off , your gap insurance policy will not be handled in Kat man-where- ever, by someone who does not speak English, and no you can not transfer the policy to your vehicles next owner!

Sorry Mrs XXX who was a very nice eardley lady who was told that if she bought her gap insurance  policy she would have to fly out to make a claim you will have to find another reason to use use air miles!