Type Chevrolet Gap insurance into Google and you are met with a million difference search results, websites and forums. While some are very good there is also a lot of miss information which at best is ill advised. Everyone has an opinion. In fact your dealership should of spoken to you about gap insurance for your Chevrolet as pert of their duty of care.

 So lets try and set the record straight gap insurance for your Chevrolet can be a fantastic way of protecting your finances.

Buy like anything you need to make sure that you are buying the right type of cover. Times are hard so it is just as important that you get value for money as well.

How do you want your policy to perform when your Chevrolet is written off?

How do you want your policy to perform when your Chevrolet is written off?

So what is gap insurance and how can it protect your Chevrolet?

Gap Insurance is a supplementary insurance product that runs along side your own motor insurance. It only ever comes into force when your Chevrolet is written off. As you know your own motor insurance company will only pay you the market value for your Chevrolet on the day it is written off.This can leave you in a financial mess.

  1. What happens to the finance ?
  2. What about the cash you have lost?
  3. What about the difference in cash you need to replace the vehicle on a like for like basis?

Gap insurance can protect you pay either clearing the finance ( finance gap insurance ) paying the difference to take you back to the invoice price you paid( Return to invoice gap insurance ) to replace your Chevrolet ( vehicle replacement gap insurance)

Which one is best depends on you and your own circumstances. , what you will use the car for and how long you intend on keeping it.  So there really is no rite or wrong answer it is entirely up to you and what you want.

So before you decide why on get Chevrolet Gap Insurance quotation online, read the policy and make your own mind up.

With prices from most online brokers anywhere up to 85 % less than your Chevrolet dealership why not have a look yourself?