Chances are you are reading this because your local Chevrolet Dealership has spoken to you about Chevrolet Gap insurance.

Your Sales Executive has an Obligation to talk to you about Chevrolet Gap Insurance
Your Sales Executive has an Obligation to talk to you about Chevrolet Gap Insurance

They really where telling the truth they have an legal and moral obligation to offer your the ability of protecting you a form of Chevrolet Gap insurance.

That does not mean that you have to buy Chevrolet gap insurance from them but they must at least offer to talk to you about it.

OK so all that said with the average length of ownership of a new car statistically 63 months is the standard 3 years Chevrolet Gap Insurance really offering your the protection you want for as long as you want it?

The most common form of Chevrolet Gap Insurance offered by main dealerships  3 year cover . Well we have already said that we are all keeping our cars longer so this means that you could leave you exposed when you need it most in the fourth and fifth years of your Chevrolet’s lifetime and your ownership..

After all if the motoring experts say that the average vehicle can loose up to 50% in the first 3 years alone the fourth and fifth year could be as costly. This means thaat statsically you will still own your Chevrolet when your Chevrolet gap insurance has expired.

Please let me show you what I  mean. Lets say that you have just treated yourself to a middle range Chevrolet Orlando. The Chevrolet Orlando MPV 2.0 VCDi 130 LT 5dr and paid in the region of £18,655 and protected yourself with Chevrolet Gap insurance which is traditionally quoted at £395.

£8,828 £7,236 £5,943 £5,072 ( The rates of depreciation are taken from what cars depreciation calculator.

Now lets be Completely honest the best part of £19,000 is a lot of money, but statistically you are going to keep it for just over five years and they have a good reputation so OK no problem.

  • By the end of year 1  your Chevrolet is estimated to be worth £10250
  • By the end of year 2 you Chevrolet is estimated to be worth £7236
  • By the end of year 3 your Chevrolet is estimated to be worth £5943
  • By the end of year 4your Chevrolet is estimated to be worth £5072
  • Based on these levels of deprecation by the end of year 5 we think that an estimated worth of £4500 is conservative.

Don’t forget that after 3years your standard Chevrolet Gap Insurance will have expired!

So if your Chevrolet was written off in year four or five when your Chevrolet Gap Insurance policy has expired  you would be completely exposed to any an all shortfall. You would think well hope that by know any settlement would in fact be sufficient to clear any outstanding finance well possibly? But possibly not and what if you where lucky enough to have been able to pay cash.

Just because you have decided to keep the car past the traditional 3 years mark shouldn’t you be able to protect yourself beyond the standard 3 years Chevrolet Gap insurance.

We searched the Internet and found a gap insurance provider who could supply five years return to invoice and vehicle replacement gap insurance for less than the cost of a standard 3 year Chevrolet  Gap insurance policy. In fact their most comprehensive cover does not cover just the invoice price but the replacement cost even if that has gone up and it was still considerably less than the magic £395

We have to say that they are not part of Chevrolet and have no affiliation with Chevrolet Gap Insurance. Instead they where an independent broker with all the right credentials ( I know we checked). They we also underwritten by a major player in the gap insurance world who currently underwrites policies for the AA warranty, Halfords Auto centres and Kwik fit to name a few.

Either way the choice is yours so why not Google Chevrolet Gap Insurance get a few quotes and explore the option of longer lengths of cover.

A top tip is you are considering buying a form of Chevrolet gap insurance is to also increase the claim limit.