Which gap insurance is best for your Citroen?

Which gap insurance is best for your Citroen?

So you are buying a Citroen and have just been offered gap insurance from your local dealership.

If like growing numbers of people each year you liked the idea of gap insurance but just wanted more information or a better deal help is at hand.

Gap insurance is one of the easiest insurances to understand but there are  a lot of misconceptions. In fact if you type gap insurance into Google you can be met with a barrage of information. From the good the bad and the miss leading.

Gap insurance for your Citroen dose not have to be like this and is very easy and inexpensive.

Gap insurance is a supplementary insurance that runs along side your own motor insurance. It literally pays the difference your own motor insurance dos not.

For example you buy a new Citroen C4 for £15,000. Two and a half years latter your car is stolen and written off. Your motor insurance company pay your the market value on the day it was written off. This is ££10,000. Gap insurance pays the difference. £5,000 may not be a lot of money to you and if you don’t mind the idea of writing a cheque then gap insurance is probably not for you.

But if like most people today you are trying to protect your money and make it work harder for you you should at least consider a form of gap insurance.

So why are there so many different ways to protect your Citroen?

Well we all buy different Citroen’s for different reasons and pay for them in different ways. We think that the one size gap insurance fits all is not the best way. Instead we think that you should instead be able to choose the way in which you protect your Citroen and only pay for the protection level you think is best.

So before you buy any level of gap insurance for your Citroen why not decide how you want you gap insurance to protect you?

For example…

Did you buy your Citroen on Contract hire ? Well why not look at contract hire gap insurance?

Do you want you policy to simply pay the difference between your Citroen’s valuation on the day it is written off and the outstanding finance? Well why not look at finance gap insurance?

Do you want you policy to pay the difference between your Citroen’s valuation and the invoice price your paid? Well why not look at a form of return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you ant you policy to replace your Citroen on a like for like basis? Well why not look at vehicle replacement gap insurance?

So in brief which one is best for you ?

  • Clear finance
  • Take you back to the invoice price
  • Replace your Citroen

Once you know which type is best for you you are ready to start shopping around online. Please remember however that the prices you find can be up to 85 % less than main dealership prices. So don’t be alarmed if your dealership has offered you a return to invoice gap insurance for around £395 in most cases you can find the same if not better level of cover from gap insurance online brokers for less than £100 and depend upon the cost of your Citroen even lower.

So pick and level of cover  for your Citroen, get a quotation and read the policy, Easy!