Aston Martin don’t produce cars they make vehicles of design, beauty, luxury and ooze style.

Your local dealership should have spoken to you about the need for gap insurance and how protecting your investment can save you many many thousands of pounds. Every vehicle looses money over time. Even the outstanding fabulous Aston Martin you have just purchased will over a number of years be worth just a fraction of the original price you paid. Although the motoring press say that the average vehicle can loose up to 50 5 in its first three years alone the brand is not known for mainstream levels of depreciation.

Even though by usin What Cars depreciation calaculator you may be surprised to see that even a vehicle as amazing as the DB9 which will sell new for approximatley £125,000 could be worth as litttle as just under £40,000 by the end of the fouth year.

We think this level of deprecation is worth protecting, but as always it is your money, your choice, your Aston Martin.

Check the Excluded vehicles list for Aston Martin
Check the Excluded vehicles list for Aston Martin

Although all of the websites where very easy to use Aston Martin’s where listed in many of the excluded vehicles. This means that finding online quotations may not be as simply as you first thought.There desirability and high purchase price means that they are usually not covered by main main stream gap insurance brokers. In fact when we checked online today there where only three gap insurance suppliers featured on page one of Google who would cover Aston Martins.

So before you get a rush back to your dealership remember that there are suppliers who will cover Aston Martin at a mear fraction of the cost of main dealers with one offering a claim limit of up to £50,000 for less than £400 for the full term.

But a word to the wise just check the excluded vehicles and make sure that Aston Martin is not mentioned before you buy!