Chances are you have just bought or are awaiting delivery of your Bentley and you local dealership has spoken to your about their version of Bentley gap insurance.

Traditionally your Bentley dealership will have offered you a form of Bentley gap insurance that acts in a very similar way to combined return to invoice.

What this means is that if your Bentley is written off your Bentley gap insurance will pay the difference between your Bentley’s valuation and either the invoice price you paid or the amount outstanding on finance which ever is the higher.

Buy Gap Insurance for your Bentley
Buy Gap Insurance for your Bentley

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this level of cover and this type of cover is very popular but that said we are all difference and want different things so shouldn’e you be able to choose how  your gap insurance protects you and your Bentley?

By exploring the out sorcing of your gap insurance you can not only save literally hundreds and hundreds of pounds for the same if not superior levels of cover but also have more choice.

Buying Bentley Gap Insurance direct from independent sources means that the amount of Insurance premium tax IPT you pay is vastly reduced. The economies of scale also mean that you can save up to 85 % of the cost of your gap insurance with no dilution of cover.

Insurance is a very heavily regulated market so you have more consumer rights than ever before. You will still have cancellation and cooling off rights just as if you had bought your policy from a main dealer. After all when it comes to your motor insurance would you automatically assume that your local Bentley dealership would be the first port of call? So why do we think of them when it comes to gap insurance?

So why not get a gap insurance quote for your Bentley and see just how easy buying direct can be.