If you are reading this you are probably just about to buy a Ford perhaps a car or a commercial. Your dealership will have most likely offered you a standard 3 yr ford Gap Insurance policy and traditionally quoted you in the region of £395.

Get a Gap Insurance quote for your Ford!
Get a Gap Insurance quote for your Ford!

If like most of us today you use the Internet on a regular basis you already know that it can be a very good way to carry out research and get different points of view, hence you are here.

Like our website name suggests we think gap insurance is a good way to protect yourself but there are alternatives to the standard 3year Ford gap insurance policy.

Did you know that the average length of ownership of a new vehicle is now 63 months. That is well over the standard three years cover provided by your Ford gap insurance policy.

Yes the first three years of any vehicles life is the time when it will loose value the quickest but that does not mean that it simply stops loosing money in years 4 and 5. In fact after 4 and a half years long after your ford gap insurance has expired this gap is bigger than ever.

Let me show you what I mean.

Lets say that you have just bought a Ford Focus.  According to what car a ford Focus Edge Diesel would cost around £17595. using their depreciation calculator …

Buy the end of the second year this has dropped in value to £8071

By the end of three three £6562 and the fourth year £5255.

All is well and three years later your ford gap insurance  policy expires.

Four and a half years later your car skids on black ice,  no one is hurt but your Ford Focus is written off leaving you more exposed than ever.

There is an alternative to the standard Ford gap insurance.

We Googled Ford gap insurance and found a gap insurance supplier who could provide 5 years cover for less than £200 that is still a whopping £200 less than we where originally quoted.

So why not get a quote read the policy and make you own informed choice as to which level of ford gap insurance is best for you.