So you are just about to buy a Honda and you local dealership has just offered you gap insurance. In fact I have just spoken to a customer who in her words ” they put the fear of god in me”.

So just like that customer you types Honda gap insurance into your search engine and where presented with a stream of sites and forums. Each having a slightly different view. The problem with gap insurance is that everyone has a vague idea what it dose but that some get confused on the detail. So some of the opinions can be at best described as misleading.

My own personal favourite is “that you only need to consider protecting your Honda with gap insurance if you have taken a form of finance”.

Sorry wrong!. Gap insurance is a very easy insurance to understand. It protects you against out of pocket expenses would your Honda be written off. So that is it in a nutshell.

So if the thought of writing a big cheq dose not concern you then hey gap insurance is probably not for you.

If like most of us today you would find it difficult to replace your vehicle without having to dig really deep then you should at least find out how gap insurance can protect you and you Honda.

So before you do anything buy any policy or get a quotation lets concentrate on you and what you want your policy to do. After all we all buy various Honda for different reasons and even pay for them in different ways so dosen’t it make sense that we can protect them in different ways.

You dealership will have only offered you one form of gap insurance because that is the only type they have. We don’t think that this “one size fits all” style of gap insurance is the best way. So instead of buying a policy and trying to make you fit around it lets try it the other way.

So what do you want you policy to do if your Honda is written off.

Do you want you policy to pay the difference between your Honda valuation and simply clear any outstanding finance? Good well why not look at finance gap insurance.

Did you buy your Honda on Contract hire? Good well why not look at contract hire gap insurance.

Do you want your policy to pay the difference between your Honda’s valuation and the invoice price you paid? Good well why not look at return to invoice gap insurance.

Do you want you policy to replace your Honda on like for like basis, almost like new for old home contents insurance? Good well why not consider vehicle replacement gap insurance.

OK so now you have decided which type of cover is best for you it is time to pick a supplier.

The beauty of shopping on line is that you can buy quality A rated insurance for your Honda at a fraction of the cost sometimes up to 85% less than main dealer prices.

So in brief decide how you want you policy to protect your Honda then pick a supplier.


Which gap insurance is best for your Honda?

Which gap insurance is best for your Honda?