So you are lucky enough to be buying a a Jaguar and your local dealership have offered you gap insurance.

While you understand the basis like most people today you just wanted to check it out on line.  Gap Insurance is a very easy type of insurance to understand. It simply protects you against out of pocket expenses if your Jaguar is written off. Easy! That’s is it in a nut shell.

The problem is that there is a lot of information out there some good some bad and some at best described as misguided.

So lets start at the beginning.

Your Jaguar dealership have probably offered you a form of return to invoice gap insurance.

The could have quoted you anywhere from £395 up to, well the most i have heard of is juts under £1000. They have a duty of care to talk to you about gap insurance but that is it. You do not have to buy any form of gap insurance and you do not have to but it from them.

So before you make any decision about what type if any cover to buy for your Jaguar why not take a few moments and concentrate on what you want. OK sorry can not do world peace but we can make choosing gap insurance for your Jaguar easy.

Just as there are many ways to buy a Jaguar and even more ways to pay the are different ways to protect it. So you need to decide what is it that you want you policy to do. After all you are the important one here. its your money and it is your choice.

So instead of their one size fits everything dealership mentality of gap insurance why not choose what you want.

For example

Did you buy your Jaguar on Contract hire? – OK good choice there are some fantastic deals around why not have a look at contract hire gap insurance.

Do you want you policy to pay the difference between your Jaguars valuation on the day it is written off and simply clear any outstanding finance? This is a very inexpensive way of protecting yourself with gap insurance. Why not look at finance gap insurance?

Get A Jaguar Gap Insurance Quotataion & make you own mind up!

Get A Jaguar Gap Insurance Quotataion & make you own mind up!

Did you pay cash? Do want your policy to pay the difference between your Jaguars valuation and the invoice price your paid? OK no problem why not look at a form of return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you want your policy to replace your jaguar on a like for like basis even if the price has gone up? OK well why not look at vehicle replacement.

So in brief do you want to clear the finance, Protect your invoice price or replace your Jaguar?

Easy so now that you now what type of cover you want you are ready to pick a supplier. Remember that most on-line brokers can supply the same if not better levels of cover offered by your dealership for less than 85 % of the cost.

So why not get a quotation, read the policy and make you own informed choice as to which if any type of gap insurance is best for you and your Jaguar?