So you are buying a Kia and your local dealership have offered you gap insurance.

If like most people today (nearly 45% ) you have decided that gap insurance good be a good way to protect yourself you have done exactly what mots of us do and just checked on the internet. It may be that you need a little bit more information or it might even be that yu just wanted a better deal.

Either way help is a hand.

Gap insurance is a very easy insurance to understand it simply protects you against out of pocket expences ashould your Kia be written off.

And that is that in a nutshell. You will only have been offered one type of gap insurance from your dealership because that is all that they have to offer. But we dont think that one type fits all. Instead we believe that just as the are many ways to buy a Kia and even more ways to pay for it you should have more than one way to portect it.

After all we all buy different models for different reasond depending upon what is important to us. So a top tip before you buy any policy form anywhere is to take a few moments and decide what is important to you. After all you are the important one here, its your money your choice.

So do you want you policy to simply pay the differnce bewteen your Kias valuation on the day it is written off and any outstanding finaance? Ok why not look at finance gap insurance?

Did you buy your Kia on Contract Hire? Ok why not look at contract hire gap insurance?

Did you pay cash for your Kia? Or do  you want your policy to pay the diffrence bewteen your Kias valuation and the inoic price you paid? Ok why not look at return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you want to you rpolicy to replace your Kia on a like for like basis almost like new for old home contents insyrance even if the price has gone up? Ok why not look at vehilce replacement gap insurance.

Ok so you have now decided what type of gap insurance is best for you you are ready to pick a supplier and start shopping online. Remember that most on-line brokers can supply the same if not superior level of gap insurance that your dealeship offered for less, in fact in some cases up to 85 %. We found one that you could even pay for any policy over £100 in intreset free instalments.

So in brief get a quotation, read the policy and make you own informed chocie as to which type of gap insurance is best for you and your Kia.


Which gap insurance is best for your Kia

Which gap insurance is best for your Kia