What ever model KTM you are buying your local KTM motor bike dealership should have spoken to you about way to protect it with gap insurance.

So what is gap insurance?

How can gap insurance help protect your KTM?

Which ever type of KTM you have bought from the Mx, Enduro, Freeride, Supermoto, Travel, Naked Bike, 125 and Super-bike providing that your local dealership is FSA regulated in some form will have spoken to you about gap insurance.

So what exactly does it do? If your KTM is stolen of involved in an accident and written off it can protect you financially.

How can gap insurance protect your KTM?
How can gap insurance protect your KTM?

Now we all know that no matter which KTM you have bought over time it will loose value. After all a three year old 125 is not worth the same amount as a brand new model. This means that if you need to make a claim because your bike if written off your own insurance company will offer your the market valuation of your bike on the day it was written off.  The difference between this valuation and the amount of money ou have outstanding on finance, or the orginal amount you paid can be thousands and thousands of pounds.

In fact depending upon the level of gap insurance you choose you can protect you and your KTM against….

  1. The difference between your KTM’s valuation and the amount you have outstanding on finance.
  2. The difference between your KTM’s valuation and the original invoice price you paid
  3. The difference between your KTM’s valuation and the amount you would need to buy another KTM the same age mileage and condition as your was on the day you took it from the dealership. If the same model is no longer available it is based on the superseding model.

Now lets be completely honest. No-one plans to have an accident, and no one plans to have their bike stolen. But it happens day in and day out the length and breadth of the UK each day and everyday.

Fact – Did you know that over 600,000 vehicle including motor bikes are written off in the UK each year.

Motor bike Gap Insurance can at least make sure that if the worst happens to you and your KTM at least the financial aspect is not something to worry about!