Mazda Gap insurance

Mazda Gap insurance

If you are reading this you are most likely just about to but a Mazda and your local dealership has offered you their form of gap insurance. Who would not want to protect themselves but if like most people you just want to do some more research or even just find a better deal you have started to do your research on line.

The Internet is a fantastic place to find out of all sorts of things. The problem is that anyone can put anything they want on-line. That means that when you try to research about how gap insurance can protect your Mazda you will be met with a barrage of information. Some good some bad and some of which can only be described as miss-guided.

For example gap insurance is not only worth considering if you have paid for your Mazda on a form of finance!

We all buy different vehicles for different reasons. We all expect them to do different things. We expect to keep them for different times and we even pay for them differently. So it standing to reason that there should be different ways to protect them.

But the first question you should ask yourself is if you dont mind or could easily afford to write a big cheque replace the monsy you are about to spend buying your Mazda. If the answer is no problem or that you really dont mind hey gap insurance is not for you.

If like most of us you would find it hard or simply don’t want to use your hard earned money to then you should consider a form of gap insurance.

To help you decide which type of gap insurance is best for your and your Mazda you now need to decide want is important to you and how you want your policy to protect you. after all you are the important one here, your money your choice.

Do you want you policy to pay the difference bewteen your Mazdas valuation on the day it is written off and simplky clear any outstanding finance? Ok well why not consider finance gap insurance?

Did you buy your Mazda on Contract hire? OK well why not get a contract hire gap quotation?

Did you pay cash for your Mazda? Or do you want to protect the invoice price you paid. That is to say do you want your policy to pay the difference between your Mazda’s valuation and the invoice price you paid? OK well why not get a form of return to invoice?

Do you want your policy to replace your Mazda on a like for like basis even if the price has gone up? OK well why not consider VRI, – Vehicle replacement gap insurance.

Ok so now you have done the hard bit, you now know what type of gap insurance is best for you. You are ready to pick a supplier.

So the only thing we would ever recommend is that you decide what is best for you, get a quotation, read the policy and make your own informed choice as to which type, if any, of gap insurance is best for you and your Mazda.