My partner and I currently have a Mitsubishi Outlander Warrior. Fab car 7 seats and four wheel drive. The kids love it, the dog loves it so I can fully understand why you have bought a Mitsubishi. In fact the local dealership is fantastic possibly the best service department I have ever used and we have owned some very expensive cars.

Buy it is a sad fact of life that our now two and half year old car is not worth what we paid for it. Just as your Mitsubishi will not be worth what you paid for it in three years time. All vehicles loose money. Did you know that the motoring press say that the average car could be worth up to 50% less than the original price your paid in three years alone?

This said your local Mitsubishi dealership should have spoken to you about protecting yourself with gap insurance.

They will of most likely offered you a form of return to invoice cover. This type of gap insurance would pay the difference between your Mistubihi’s valuation on the day it was written off and either the invoice price you paid or the amount outstanding on finance which ever is the higher. I am hoping that this sounds familiar?

But hold one we all by different types of Mitsubishi fro different reasons, we choose different Mitsubishi  models, we expect to keep them for different time periods, and we pay for them differently. We think it makes more sense to be able to offer more than one way to protect yourself. After all it is what is important to you that matters, your money, your choice?

Gap Insurance For Mitsubishi
Gap Insurance For Mitsubishi

So before you buy any form of gap isnurance for your Mitsubishi from anyone, at any price take a few moments and decide how you want your policy to protect you.

For example did you buy your Mitsubishi on Contract hire? OK well why not consider contract hire gap insurance?

Did you pay cash and want to portect the invoice price you paid? Or do you want you policy to perform in a similar way the one that your dealership spoke to you about? OK why not consider return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you want your policy to replace your Mitsubish on a like for like basis? Ok why not consider vehicle replacement insurance?

Once you know what is important to  you you are ready to start shopping around and pick a supplier.

After all the Internet is a good place to find information out but only some of the information is factually correct. In fact it ranges from the good the bad and the not quiet sure where they ever got that from??? So all we would ever ask is that you make your own informed choice.

To do this you will need to get a quote, read the policy and only then make your own decision based on real facts as to which type, of gap cover if any is best for you and your Mitsubishi.