So you are buying a Nissan and your local dealership have spoken to you about gap insurance.

We are very well aware that the world of gap insurance can seem a little bit daunting. You may just want more information you may even just want a better deal. Either way we can help.

When you type gap insurance into Google a whole host of information is displayed. Different types, all called different things and what is a claim limit? Some information is  good,  some bad and some which can only be described as misleading.

My favoruite mis understanding is that you only need to consider buying gap insurance for your Nissan if you have taken a form of finance.


Every vehicle looses value, some more than others. The motoring experts say that the average car can loose up to 50% in the first three years alone. That is a lot of money. So what happens if your vehicle is written off? Remember that your own motor insurance company will only pay your your vehicle valuation on the day it is written off. The difference between the invoice price you paid, the cost to replace the Nissan or even the out still outstanding on finance can be many many thousands of pounds.

That said if the thought of writting a cheque to cover this depreciation dose not concern you hey gap insurance may not be for you.

If like most people you would find loosing this much money difficult or you prefer to do something more constructive with your hard earned savings you need to consider protecting your Nissan with a form of Gap insurance.

So before you buy any gap insurance for your Nissan from any where and at any price why not a few moments and instead of making you fit a one size fits all type of gap insurance offered by most Nissan dealerships why not think about what you want? After all you are the important person here, your money, your choice.

So what do you want your gap insurance to do for you when your Nissan is written off?

Get a Quote for your Nissan
Get a Quote for your Nissan

Think about how what you want your policy to cover? For example..

Did you buy your Nissan on contract hire? OK well why not look at contract hire gap insurance?

Did you buy your Nissan and pay cash? Or do you want your policy to pay the difference between your Nissan’s valuation on the day it is written off and the invoice price you paid? OK well why not look at a form of return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you want your policy to replace your Nissan with another vehicle on a like for like basis? Almost like new for old home contents insurance. OK well why not look at vehicle replacement gap insurance?

So in brief do you want to clear finance ? Do you want to protect your invoice price? Or do you want to get a replecement Nissan?

OK now you know what type of gap insurance is best for you you are ready to start shopping online and picking a supplier.

Either way all we would recommend is that you get a quotation, read the policies and make your informed decision as to which type of gap insurance is best for you to buy for you and your Nissan.