What ever model Porsche you are buying it will not only be a fantastic vehicle but also a true master piece of engineering. but you already know that hence why you are buying one.

Porsche are known the world over for building truely asperational vehicles.

That said what ever type of Porsche you are buying, what ever type of deal you negotiated your vehicle will deprecate over time. It is a sad fact of life but according to the motoring press the average car can deprecate up to 50 % in the 1st three years alone.

For example if you where lucky enough to have bought a Porsche 911 Cabriolet 3.6 Carrera you will have paid in the region of £74,958. According to What Cars depreciation calculator your Porsche could be worth as little as £25,000 by the end of year4.

This means that should you Porsche join the estimated 600,000 vehicles written off due to theft or accident in the Uk each year you may be leaving yourself financially exposed.

Remember you motor insurance will settle any claim based on your vehicles valuation on the day it was written off . As you can see by the estimations from What Car this difference can be many many thousand of pounds.

Protect your Porsche
Protect your Porsche

Gap Insurance can protect you and your Porsche against this loss.

With most main dealers quoting any where from £495 to just under £1000 prices can seem high. However by shopping and buying gap insurance on-line from independent brokers you can save anywhere up to 85%.

You will also have more choice as to the type and level of gap insurance you choose to protect your Porsche from pure contract hire gap insurance and return to invoice styles right the way through to the Internet exclusives such as vehicle replacement.

All this and no compromise on cover. So why not pick a supplier get a quote and make your your own infomred choice as to which type and level of cover is best for you and your Porsche?