There are lots of ways to buy a Seat. We all buy different models and we all pay for them differently. We all want different things.

We think that this means that you should have more choice in how you protect your Seat with Gap insurance.

Your dealership should have spoken to you about their level of gap insurance as part of their duty of care. Usually it is a type of return to invoice. This means that your policy would pay the difference between your Seats valuation on the day it is written off and either the amount outstanding on finance or the invoice price you paid which ever is the higher amount.

I hope that is sounds familiar.

So like most people new you decided to start looking online to get more information and a better deal. The problem with research on the Internet is that not all of the information will be factually correct in fact it ranges from the good the bad and the misunderstood.

My own personal favourite misquote is that “you only need to buy gap insurance is for your Seat if you have taken a form of finance.”

Wrong! If you have been lucky enough to pay cash for your Seat isn’t it even more important that you protect your investment?

So before you make any decision about gap insurance why not take a few moments and decide what your want you policy to do as the beauty of shopping online is that you not only pay a fraction of the cost but that you have lots more choice.

Get A Seat Gap Insurance Quote
Get A Seat Gap Insurance Quote

So before you start looking at any policy from anywhere and at any cost decide how you want your policy to protect your Seat?

For example do you want your policy to simply clear the difference between your Seats valuation and the amount of money outstanding on finance? OK why not get a finance gap insurance quotation?

Did you buy your Seat on contract hire? OK why not get a contract hire gap insurance quotation?

Do you want you policy to protect your invoice price? Did you pay cash? OK why not look at return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you want you policy to replace your Seat on a like for like basis? OK why not look at vehicle replacement  gap insurance?

Are you going to use your Seat as a Taxi or driving school? OK why not look at specialist cover.

So to summarize. Why nor decide which type of cover is best for you. Get a quotation, read the policy and make your own informed choice.

After all with gap insurance should the worst happen you are protected and free to buy another vehicle. A Seat we hope?