So are you buying a Suzuki Motorbike or car?

Either way your local Suzuki dealership should have spoken to you about gap insurance as part of their duty of care.  You may have wanted more information or you may have even just wanted a better price and therefore decided to start looking on line.

Gap insurance is a very easy insurance to understand but there are a lot of misunderstandings. For example no matter how you have paid for your Suzuki motor bike or car you should still consider a form of gap insurance.

Get a Quote for your Suzuki
Get a Quote for your Suzuki

OK so what is gap insurance and how can it help you protect your Suzuki?

After all that is why you pay your fully comprehensive motor insurance isn’t it? Well yes and no.

When your Suzuki is written off your motor insurance company will only pay you your Suzuki’s valuation on the day it was written off. Let me show you what I mean.

The average car and even motorbike can lose up to 50 % in the first three years of its life., that can be a lot of money. Gap insurance can protect you against this.

For example I spoke to a very nice gentleman yesterday who had just bought a new 61 registration Swift Sport. He paid just over £10,000. He got a good deal and was very happy. He had part exchanged his old car and saved for nearly two years to pay the balance in cash.

He wanted to talk about gap insurance because as he said “if my car is written off in three years time my own motor insurance company will only give me around £4500 to £5000 for my car. I would not be able to replace it, I have not got a spare £5000 under the bed and I certainly don’t want to have to start saving again. The wife wants a new kitchen so i have got no chance!”

The beauty of shopping online is that unlike your local Suzuki dealership who will only offer one type of gap insurance you now have much more choice.

The type of gap insurance offered by your dealership may but the one you want but it may not be. Just as their are many ways to buy a Suzuki , many different models and many different ways to pay for it we hope you will agree that there should be many more ways to protect it.

So before you buy gap insurance, from anywhere, at any level and at any cost you should take a few moments and decide what you want. After all it is your Suzuki, your money and your choice.

So do you want you policy to simply pay the difference between you Suzuki’s valuation and clear any outstanding finance? OK why not get a finance gap insurance quote?

Did you buy your Suzuki n contract hire ? OK why not get a contract hire gap insurance quote?

Do you want you policy to pay the difference between your Suzuki’s valuation and the price you paid? Or did you Pay cash? OK why not get return to invoice gap insurance quote?

Do you want your policy to replace your Suzuki on a like for like basis, even if the price has gone up? OK why not look at vehicle replacement gap insurance?

Either way you can save up to 85 % shopping online with prices from £39 and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that if you join the 600,000 other UK motorists who have their vehicles written off in the UK each year you are free from financial worry. Free to buy another motorbike or car, a Suzuki we hope?