Which Triumph dealership you are buying your motor bike from chances are that they have spoken to you about gap insurance.

So what is Gap Insurance?

What does it do and why is cover for Triumph motorbikes so important.

Why should you consider protecting you are your Triumph with it?

When you buy a motor bike new or used what ever model you chose it will over time drop in value. After all your three year old bike is not worth the same amount you paid for it all those years ago. So it is a fact of life that over time motorbikes just like other vehicle depreciate.

How can Gap Insurance Protect you and your Triumph?
How can Gap Insurance Protect you and your Triumph?

An estimated 600,ooo vehicles are written off in the uk each year. Unfortunately there are thousands and thousands of motor bikes are amongst this figure.

So what happens if your Triumph is stolen or involved in an accident and written off. Well don’t forget that your insurance company will only pay you the market value of your Triumph on the day it is written off. This can be thousands and thousands of pounds less than you paid for it.

Gap insurance depending upon the level of cover you choose can protect your from this loss. Depending upon the level of cover you chose you can protect the difference between you Triumphs valuation on the day it is written off and wither the amount outstanding on finance, the invoice price you paid or even the replacement of cost an other new Triumph even if the price has gone up.

With on line gap insurance suppliers you can save up to 85 % against main Triumph dealership motor bike gap insurance prices and 1 years cover starts from as little as £34.00 with average prices for three years cover still under the magic £100.

So why not Google triumph gap Insurance get a quote and make your own informed choices.