So which type of Vauxhall are you buying a car or a commercial. From the Maveria to the Corsa the Vectra, Insignia and the Zafira us Brits love Vauxhall. In fact I learned how to drive in a Nova. It was a fab car, no power steering, no air con, no central locking but at the time it was the height of urban cool. Now with their lifetime warranty or 100,000 miles they are an even better buy than ever.

So which ever type of Vauxhall you are buying we know that you will enjoy it.

Your local Vauxhall dealership should of spoken about a number of things including gap insurance.

We know that when you are buying a car or commercial it can be very stressful and your dealership can it seam give you a lot of information to think about. Sometimes it can be almost too much. That said gap insurance is not one subject you can afford to ignore. So like most of us today when we want more information on something we Google it.

The problem is that when you type Vauxhall gap Insurance into google you are bombarded with even more information. Some good , some bad and some well lets say miss guided!

Protect your Vauxhall With Gap Insurance
Protect your Vauxhall With Gap Insurance

For example you only need to buy gap insurance if you have paid for your Vauxhall on Finance !!!

It is very easy to let it all jumble into a confusing mush and miss out on protecting yourself. So OK lets start at the beginning.

We all know that what ever type of vehicle from which ever manufacture you buy it will lose money over time. Sad fact of life but one that we are all now used to and accept. Your fab new Vauxhall will not be worth the same price you paid in three or four years time no matter how well you look after it. OK so what happens if something happens and your Vauxhall is written off?

Well just like there are many different models of Vauxhall and many different ways to pay for your Vauxhall there are many ways to protect your self should this happen.

Remember that your own motor insurance company will only pay you your vauxhalls valuation on the day it is written off and not how much you paid for it, or how much you still have outstanding on finance. This difference can be thousands and thousands of pounds.

Your Vauxhall dealership will have only spoken to you about one level of gap insurance because that is all they offer.

However by shopping online you can not only save up to 85% of the cost but also have more  choice. So before you buy gap insurance from any where and at any cost why not take a few  moments and decide what you want your policy to protect? After all its your Vauxhall, its your money and its your choice.

For example did you buy your Vauxhall on Contract Hire? OK why not get a contract hire gap insurance quote?

Do you want you gap insurance to pay the difference between your Vauxhalls valuation on the day it is written off and simply clear the outstanding finance? OK why not get a finance gap insurance quote?

Do you want your gap policy to pay the difference between your Vauxhalls valuation and the invoice price you paid? OK why not get a return to invoice gap insurance quotation?

Do you want you policy to replace your Vauxhall on a like for like basis? Ok why not get a vehicle replacement gap insurance quote?

Are you going to use your Vauxhall as a taxi or private hire car ? OK why not get a specialist quote.

Either way there is no right or wrong answer it is what ever is best and most important for you and your Vauxhall?