Volvo is synonymous will safety and engineering. From the C30, C70, S40, S60 through to the V50,V60, V70 and the XC ranges the have a reputation for non-nonsense safety , reliability, practicality and longevity.

We know that which ever Volvo you are buying it will serve you well and give you many happy years of trouble free motoring.

That said we also know that the which ever model Volvo you are buying it will also loose value over time.  In some cases up to 40 – 50 % within the first three years alone. This is a fact of life that we have all come to accept and acknowledge.

Protect your Volvo with Gap Insurance
Protect your Volvo with Gap Insurance

Gap Insurance for your Volvo can protect your against this depreciation.

What happens if you join the ranks of the other 600,000 members of the public who have their vehicles written off each year.  OK well your own motor insurance company will settle the claim , after all that is what you pay for premium for isn’t it? Well yes but remember that that your motor insurance company will only pay you your Volvo’s valuation on the day it was written off. The difference between how much you paid or in fact how much is outstanding on finance can be many thousands of pounds.

Lets me show you what i mean.

Lets say you where lucky enough to have bought one of my own personal favourite Volvo’s a XC90. You chose a D5 2.4 Active premium.  According to What Car you will have paid £36560.

Ok no problem. All is well with the world until just over three years later you car is stolen. Again using What Cars Depreciation Calculator your Volvo’s valuation could be as little as £13202 to £14000.

This means that you insurance company will settle your claim based on this value. This is not a fantastic situation to be in in that you have now lost just over £22000. That is a lot of money to lose, but imagine if you paid on finance?

Gap insurance in a nut shell protects you against this loss.

Just as there are many models of Volvo and just as many different ways to pay for it there are many ways to protect yourself.

Your dealership will only have spoken to you about one way because that is all that they have to offer. But the beauty of buying online is not only that you can save up to 85 5 against the cost of dealership quotes but also that you have more choice. After all its your Volvo, your money shouldn’t it be your choice.

So before you buy any policy why not take a few moments a decide what you want. After all you are the important person here, Its your Volvo, its your money and it should be your choice.

To help you just need to decide

  1. Do you simply want to protect the invoice price you paid?
  2. Do you want you policy to replace your Volvo on a like for like basis?
  3. Do you simply want to clear any outstanding finance?

Ok now you know which type is best for you and your Volvo why not get a quote and make your own informed choice?