If you are buying a Peugeot you local dealership should have spoken to you about gap insurance as part of their duty of care.

Like most people new to the world of gap insurance you simply wanted more information or perhaps just a btter deal and decided to look on line. The internet is a fantastic place to reasearch not only prices but also to find out more information.

The problem when you look on line is that not all of the information is factually accurate. In fact it ranges from the good the bad and the absolute mis leading.

So before you decide anything why not get the information and make your own mind up.

Ok so what dose gap insurance do and how can it protect you and your Peugeot?

Gap insurance is a way of protecting yourself aganist out of pocket expenses if your Peugeot is written off. Ok so what dose that mean. Let say you buy a  Peugeot and pay £13,000. Three years later you vehicle is stolen. Your own insurance company will pay you your vehicle svaluation on the day it was witten off. The motoring press say that this can be up to 50% less than you orginally paid. So lets say you Peugeot is now worth £6500.  You have now lost £6500. That is a lot of money.

Buy hey if the idea of loosing this amount is no worry for you then perhaps gap insurance is not for you?

If however like most of us you would find the thought of lossing this much money and the financail implications worring you need to look at or atleast consider gap insurance.

Get a Peugeot Gap Insurance Quote
Get a Peugeot Gap Insurance Quote

So before you buy any policy from any where and at any price think about how you want your policy to protect you and your Peugeot?

We are all different, buy different things for different reasons and even pay for them differently. So shouldn’t you be able to choose how to protect your Peugeot depending on what is impoetnt to you?

Do you want you policy to clear any outstdning finance? Protect the invoice price or even replace your Peugeot on a like for like basis.

After all it is your money and your choice so you should make sure that you get the protection that is right for you and your peugeot.

Now you are ready to start shopping online with prices up to 85 % less than main dealership prices can you afford not to protect your peugeot?