There is absolutely no doubt that Mercedes make beautiful well built cars and vans and commercial vehicles. They are synonymous with luxury, aspirational vehicles and some of pure works of art in their own right.

It is a fact of life that this said Mercedes vehicles will still depreciate over time.

Protect your Mercedes-Benz with gap insurance

Protect your Mercedes-Benz with gap insurance

When you ordered your Mercedes  your dealership or Internet broker should have spoken to you about how you can protect yourself against this depreciation. Gap insurance is a supplementary insurance that runs in tandem with our own fully comprehensive motor insurance and allows your to protect the investment you have made in your Mercedes.

The problem is that prices from Main dealers can be high and when you search on line you are met with a whole host of information and opinions which in most cases are at best mis-guided.

For example – Gap insurance is not only worth considering if your have paid for your Mercedes using Finance!

So to make your own informed choice just ask yourself one question. If something happened tomorrow could you very easily write a cheque to clear finance, or top up to another new vehicle, or even replace it.

If you can and you don’t mind the thought of writing a large cheque then gap insurance of any description is probably not for you and there will be no benefit.

If the answer is not or why should I then you do need to get some real factual information about gap insurance for your Mercedes and make your own mind up.

So before you shop online or buy any form of gap insurance for your Mercedes decide how you want your gap cover to protect you.

You can protect the invoice price, opt for a replacement vehicle or simply clear finance. The art is to get a quote read the policy and make your own mind up.

With average on-line costs up to 85 % less than Mercedes main dealers don’t you think you should decide for yourself?