Range Rover vehicles are expensive. That said they are a truly fantastic machine a real British icon and admired world wide.

Range Rover are know for their robust build, style, fantastic quality and off road capabilities.

Unfortunately these very qualities means that certain criminal elements of society target this type of vehicle for theft. Some cars remaining in the UK the rest transported into Europe and onwards.  The manufactures work hard to constantly improve security features which make the Range Rover anything but a soft option.

Protect your Range rover with Gap insurance

Protect your Range rover with Gap insurance

We constantly read reviews and forums on and opions on the rights and wrongs of gap insurance. Hate to say it but there is alot of miss information out there. Gap insurance is not just for people who have taken a form of finance.

If you can easily afford and don’t mind the thought of writing  a cheque to buy another Range Rover then chances are gap insurance is not for you.

If you don’t like the thought of settling the finance or in fact just using a chunk of your saving to top up your insurance settlement to buy another car then you need to look into gap insurance for your Range Rover.

Get a quotation and make your own mind up.

Depending how you paid for your Range Rover its age and mileage there will be a gap insurance policy to suit. So decide how you want you policy to protect you before you shop around.

Do you want your gap insurance policy to simply clear any finance shortfall between your Range Rovers valuation and the finance settlement ? – Why not have a look at finance gap insurance?

Do you want your gap insurance to protect your invoice price that is to say to pay any shortfall between your Range Rovers valuation and the invoice price you paid ? Why not look at a form of return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you want you gap insurance to replace your Range rove on a like for like basis- almost new for old ? – Why not look at vehicle replacement insurance?

Either way please get a quotation read the policy and make you your own mind as to if gap insurance is right for your and your Range Rover.