So if you are reading this this are just about to buy a Skoda.

Which gap insurance is best for your Skoda?

Which gap insurance is best for your Skoda?

Your dealership has a duty of care to talk to you about gap insurance and in most cases will offer you a form of return to invoice gap insurance at round £395.

While you I hope agree that gap insurance for your Skoda is a good idea you may not be that impressed with the price.

So just like most people when they want to find out about something the first thing they do is type it in to Google. Unfortunately when you do this you are presented with a barrage of information. Some good some bad and some absolutely miss- informed.

The problem with gap insurance is that most people only usually find out about it when their Skoda dealership talks to them. This means that they are only ever offer one type of cover, and at a high price. Also because gap insurance is not currently a legal requirement in the UK everyone and his dog has a opinion. Everyone calls it something different and says that there’s is the best wow it can be confusing.

Gap Insurance is really very easy to understand and it may not be for everyone. I honestly beleive that there is a benifit for everyone but that not everyone will see one.

Let me explain.

Gap insurance is a way of protecting yourself from out of pocket expenses if your Skoda is ever written off.

So if the thought of writing a large cheque dose not faze you ( this could be for thousands of pounds) then hey gap insurance is not for you at any cost. Easy! Just like most thing in life today when you shop on line you can find more choice and selection at a fraction of the cost. No compromise in cover, service, back up or support just better value for money.

In some cases you can buy gap insurance for your Skoda at up to 85 % less than main dealers prices.

After all we all buy different cars for different reasons , pay for them using different methods, so shouldn’t there be more than one way to protect yourself.

So before you buy gap insurance for your Skoda from any where at any price just take a few moments out a decide what you want  our policy to do for you. It will save you alot of time later when you start shopping around.

Do you want your policy to pay the difference between your Skoda’s valuation on the day it was written off and simply clear any outstanding finance? OK you need to get a finance gap insurance quotation.

Did you buy your Skoda on contract hire ? Ok you need to get a contract hire quotation

Do you want to protect the invoice price you paid, i.e do you want your policy to pay the difference between your Skoda’s valuation and the invoice price you paid? OK you need to get a  return to invoice gap insurance quotation.

Do you want your policy to have the best of both the finance gap and return to invoice gap insurance? that is to say do you want you policy to pay the difference between your skodas valuation and either the invoice price or the amount outstanding on finance which ever is the greater? OK you need to get a combination return to invoice gap insurance quotation.

Do you want your policy to replace your Skoda even if the price has gone up? OK you need to get a vehicle replacement gap insurance quotation.

Once you have decided which type of cover is best for you why not simply get a quotation read the policy and make you own informed choice.

After all if you are going to make a factual choice about Gap Insurance for you and your Skoda don’t you need all the information?