So your local Volkswagen dealership or Internet broker has spoken to you about gap insurance.

Chances are that they have offered you a form of return to invoice gap insurance for around about £395. That said we do know of some dealerships who quote anything up to just under £1000.

If like most people today you liked the idea of protecting your Volkswagen with ga[p insurance and just wanted more information or a better price you have search on Google.

Wow websites forums everyone has an opinion on gap insurance and sorry to say some of it can be described at best as miss-leading.

Volkswagen Gap Insurance is really a very easy thing to understand but the amount of information out and about can mean that finding real factual , honest views can be difficult.

All we would ask is to remember that it is your choice and that gap insurance is currently not a legal requirement and that no finance company can ever make it a condition of acceptance. All we would ever want every Volkswagen customer to do is to get real information and make their own decision.

So what is Volkswagen gap Insurance?

There are lots of official terms but in brief gap insurance is a insurance policy that runs along side your own motor insurance and protects you if your vehicle is written off. So if the idea of writing a big cheque to clear off finance or even to replace your Volkswagen on a like for like basis ( almost new for old) does not worry you hey gap insurance is not for you.

If however like most people today you want to protect and make your money work hard and last longer then you need to at least consider gap insurance.

How do you want your policy to perform when your Volkswagen is written off?

How do you want your policy to perform when your Volkswagen is written off?

So before you jump up and start shopping around forget everything you know about gap insurance and what you have already been offered instead think about what you would want your policy to do. After all it makes sense to have different levels of cover. We are all different and buy different things for different reasons, we even pay for them in different ways. so just for a moment think about what you want after all that is all that really matters isn’t it.

Do you want your gap insurance policy to simply clear any outstanding finance? ok well you need to consider finance gap insurance

Did you buy your Volkswagen on contract hire? OK you need to consider contract hire gap insurance

Do you want to protect the invoice price you paid for your Volkswagen ? OK you need to consider return to invoice gap insurance

Do you want you your policy to replace your Volkswagen on a like for like basis even if the price has gone up? OK you need to consider vehicle replacement insurance

Once you know which one you want you are ready to shop around and pick a supplier.

So in brief get a Volkswagen gap insurance quotation, read the policy and make your own decision.