Does your Volkswagen gap insurance only last for three years ?

Volkswagen has built its reputation on build quality and longevity. This is mind you may be planning to keep your Volkswagen for some time. If the average length of ownership of a new car is statistically 63 months do you think that the standard 36 months Volkswagen gap insurance policy offered by most dealerships will be able to give you all the cover you need?

What can you do if this happens when your 3 yrs Volkswagen Gap Insurance has expired?
What can you do if this happens when your 3 yrs Volkswagen Gap Insurance has expired?

What happens if your vehicle is written off in the fourth and fifth years when your Volkswagen Gap insurance policy has expired?

It has been common practise to be able to protect your Volkswagen for up to five years with a form of finance gap insurance but what if your where lucky enough to pay cash? What about if your finance agreement was over a short period of time.

We searched the Internet and found a gap insurance provider who could provide Volkswagen Gap for up to five years. I must stress that this was an independent broker who had no affiliation with Volkswagen themselves however when we looked in to it they where underwritten by a big name insurance company and had all the standard badges of honor and then some more.

They could offer five year Return to invoice Volkswagen Gap insurance as well as vehicle replacement.

If you had new for old insurance on your own motor insurance they even let you defer the start date for twelve months free of charge.

So why not type Volkswagen gap insurance into goggle get a few quotes and see how long you can protect yourself for. After all vehicles are not in-expensive and it is now more than ever important to protect yourself against unexpected costs. just remember that if you are protecting yourself with five years Volkswagen Gap insurance you need to pick a claim limit ig enough to cope with five years worth of depreciation.

In most cases we found that you could buy a five year Volkswagen Gap insurance policy on-line for less than most dealerships where offering for three years.