It is not an easy world we live in and times are hard, everything is expensive and we are all looking for ways to make our money worked harder for us and at times like this it is even more important to make sure that you have protection for expensive hard to replace items like you car, motorbikes , vans and motor homes.

I read and search the inter-net daily to make sure that i am completely update on all things gap insurance and to be completely honest there is a lot of conflicting information.

So before you make your own mind up just ask yourself one question.

Can you afford to write a cheque to buy another car or pay off outstanding finance?

Why not get a car gap insurance quote and make your own mind up?

Why not get a car gap insurance quote and make your own mind up?

If you can easily afford to write a cheque or draw out savings and not miss it then OK you probably don’t need or would not see the benefit in car gap insurance.

Unfortunately I could not. Like most people today I have to make my money go just that little bit further. Even if I was lucky enough to have the money sat in the bank I can think of a million other things to do with it. So why should I have to?

When we buy a car we all take out a form of motor insurance – Hey its the law. So we all pay our how ever how many hundred pounds each year and that its that.

But did you know that if your car is written off you own motor insurance company will only at best pay you market value for your car on the day it is written off. Not how much you paid. Not how much you need to clear the finance and not how much you will need to spend to buy another new one.

So car gap insurance  – well depending upon which website you go on it opinions vary.

The easiest way to think of car gap insurance is like a safety net. You can choose a level of cover so that if something goes wrong you are not out of pocket or even worse left having to pay finance for a car you no longer have. In most cases you can buy a car gap insurance policy from a reputable broker for less than a fraction of the cost of a main dealer.

In fact in most cover starts from as little as £39.00 .

So in brief when it comes to car gap insurance get a quote read the policy and make your own decision!