When you are looking around for Motorbike gap insurance the you may be asked to pay more.

The fact the when a motorbike is involved in even a minor bump or collision it usually sustains more damage means that the rates of motorbikes being written off are traditionally higher. This combined with the fact that they are an easier target for criminal aspects of society means that the chances of you claiming on your insurance and gap insurance are higher .

But Motorbikes are expensive, in fact I spoke to a Yamaha dealership recently who said that there average cost of a new motorbike being sold currently toady was over £13,000. That is a lot of money.

So it is more important then even to at least consider Motorbike gap insurance.

We  search the Internet and websites constantly and it never seeks to amaze us that there is so much confusion and miss understanding over something which is really very straight forward.

For example “gap insurance is not only there to protect you if you have paid for your motorbike on finance”. Wrong !

Yes gap insurance can protect you if you have paid for your motorbike on finance but it can also protect cash buyers as well.

Get a Motorbike Quote
Get a Motorbike Quote

So what is Motor bike Gap Insurance?

Motorbike gap insurance is a why of protecting yourself against the difference between your bikes valuation on the day it is written off and the invoice , replacement cost , or amount outstanding on finance.

Bear with me let me explain.

Lets say you have just bought a motorbike and paid the magic £13,000. Three years later your motorbike is stolen. Your insurance company bas their settlement on the valuation of your motorbike on the day it was written off. This is £8500. Ok you have now just lost £4500 of your hard earned cash. That may be nothing to you but it is a lot to us.

Just as there are many different types of motorbikes, from lots o different manufactures there are even more ways to pay for one. We are all different and want different things. We think it makes more sense to be able to choose what is important to you.

So before you get a price, chose a policy or even consider buying any form of gap insurance from any where and at any price why not take a few moments and decide what you want. After all its your money, your motorbike and your choice isn’t it?

For example

Do you want your policy to simply pay the difference between your motorbikes valuation on the day it is written off and clear any outstanding finance? OK well you need to get a finance gap insurance quote.

Do you want you policy to pay the difference between your Motorbikes valuation and the invoice price you paid? OK you need to look at return to invoice gap insurance.

Do you want your policy to replace your motorbike on a like for like basis even if the price has gone up? OK why not look at vehicle replacement gap insurance.

So why not get a quote read the policy and see just how inexpenive and easy protecting yourself with motorbike gap insurance can be.