When it comes to gap insurance for Van’s knowing the gross weight is very important.

If your vans weight is over a 3500kilo’s it is classed as one type of van. Over this limited and it is classed by DVLA to be a different class.

Your vans classification is really important when it comes to gap insurance.

Do you know your Vans weight?
Do you know your Vans weight?

Most policies will only ever cover vans up to 3500 kg. So you need to read you policy before you buy. The very last thing that any gap insurance buyer or in fact on line gap insurance broker wants is for you to make a claim and it be rejected because your van was over a certain weight.

In most cases standard transit / Hi ace/ Partner vans are well under under this weigh however it is important to check. You can find out by contacting the manufacture or your dealership. In some cases the gross weight is also shown on your V5 / log book. So check.

The weight that a policy covers will be clearly displayed on the gap insurance policy so as always read it before you buy. If in doubt call the broker and ask for them to put it in writing.

99.9 % of on-line gap insurance brokers would have no problems in doing this or even better showing you where on the documents the issue of weight is covered.

Also remember that if you are VAT registered and have claimed back the vat on your van ( your accountant may have done this ) this element will be excluded from any gap insurance settlement.

Unfortunately you can not pay the vat on the van, claim it back and then be paid the vat back again from the gap insurance provider. Nice thought though!

So in brief check the weight of your van and remember that if you are Vat registered and claim the vat back you will not be paid the vat element of the claim.

These rules do not just apply to on line providers it is universal.

So check , ask, get it in writing and know your vans weight.