The IGA – (Independent Garage Association) is furious by a recent study complied by the Citizens advice in which used car complaints was the number one reason for member of the public seeking advice.

In fact used car’s purchased from independent dealerships topped the list of customer complaints with a staggering 45,425 of which 76% where are about faults.

Surprisingly mobile phones were close to the used car results came second and garage repairs third.

The statistics where complied from information from the citizens advice about the type of problems customers in England and Wales where facing between April 2012 to February 2013.

Naturally the dealership organisation has already been in contact with Citizens Advice to find out just how the information was taken, complied and also to ask about the validity of the statistics. For example how what evidence was provided to ensure that the used car compliant was verified. That said Citizens Advice is yet to provide any information.

A spokes person for IGA is reported to have said “The IGA is extremely concerned that the figures produced by Citizens Advice do not accurately represent the independent garage sector and welcome the opportunity to work with them to address the genuine issues. …. members adhere to a strict code of conduct to ensure they offer the very best service to its customers on a daily basis. We also offer the National Conciliation and Arbitration Service (NCS), an independently run service for customers of IGA garages who feel that the member has not carried out its obligations to deliver a quality service. In fact the NCS only receive 30-40 complaints a month of which 96% are dealt with there and then. The IGA will continue to attempt to liaise with Citizens Advise to ensure that the independent garage sector is not having its reputation damaged through flawed figures.”

Top 10 products or services that customers complianed and attempted to get advice about 

  1. Used cars bought from an independent dealer
  2. Mobile phone contracts
  3. Repairs from an independent garage
  4. Upholstered furniture
  5. Mobile phone handsets
  6. Lap-tops, notebooks and tablet PCs
  7. Women’s clothing
  8. General building work
  9. TVs
  10. Beds and mattresses

So what do you think?

Do you think that the Citenzens Advice are right to keep the information about used car complaints and the way in which the information is gathered confiedntial.