Vauxhall have a long tradition of leading the way with customer offers and their new “Love it or Return it ” promotion certainly is a head turner!

In fact Vauxhall are reported to have said that they are simply spreading some seasonal cheer with a new 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the Ampera.

So what does the Vauxhall promotion mean to prospective Vauxhall owners?

The ‘Love it or Return it’ scheme simply put means that you  can buy a new Vauxhall Ampera and for what ever reason, return it within 30 days with no questions asked.

The promotion is designed to give customers complete confidence. Lets be completely honest cars are expensive and buying a new car will in most cases be the second most expensive purchase that you make. The 30 day guarantee gives customers the opportunity to buy the car without any risk.  If it not for them? If the car does not live up to their expectations for what ever reason simply return it.

At Buy Gap insurance we think that this is a huge message in Vauxhall’s belief in the car and genuinley hope that customers take up the challenge in the spirit it is made.

the ‘zero ownership anxiety’ of Vauxhall’s Lifetime Warranty and ‘zero fuel anxiety’ from the Ampera’s lithium-ion battery and range extender petrol engine.

A Vauxhall spokes person is reported to have said  “This initiative shows the real world confidence we have in Ampera. We appreciate that investing in new technology is a big decision which can require a leap of faith for some buyers. It is therefore vital that we demonstrate our belief in Ampera and provide customer reassurance during the buying process. ‘Love it or Return it’ aims to achieve just that.”

So if you are tempted to buy an electric car why not take some of the stress and worry about the purchase away and try the Vauxhall scheme?