Vauxhall is so confident that they are going in the right direction that they say the will overtake Ford and become the market leaders within the next three years.

So it is out with the old and in with the new. The old sell volume methods of stack them high and sell them cheap may be gone forever. In fact the new strategy of moving towards more premium cars is integral to the new philosophy which is  “Only premium cars can make money.”

A spokes person for Vauxhall is reported to have said “The young man of today does not give a fig for the car or its badge. What he will demand is content – wi-fi and a library of audio books.”

It is just this buyer profile that Vauxhall say they have to appeal to.

The new Vauxhall Cascada is produced in Poland in new purpose built factories and will be branded as both Vauxhall and Opel. ( The name that Vauxhall uses to trade else where in ).

The spokes person fro Vauxhall continued to say that both Vauxhall and Opel have to be “moved upwards” to make sure that “there is room for Chevrolet underneath.” And he is totally committed to “mending Opel”.

He is reported to have said “Opel used to be good. We need to recover what it used to achieve in Germany. Ford lost the same money as we did and they have got a much simpler strategy with just one brand.”

“Germany will be our most important market and we have designed our cars to compete head on with Golf.”

That is not a easy statement to back up with the uber Vokswagen brands having the reputation for build and quality that the current Vauxhall’s may lack.

So it is an optimistic streamlined and seemingly invigorated Vauxhall’s that look to the future ready to take on the world.